Turned 66 Yesterday. Oh, Joy.

Actually, as far as birthday’s go, I’ve had worse. Just me and the Dog doing our usual routine most of the day. Took SWMBO to Micky D’s when she got home. Mailed my 2nd spit sample to Ancestry. (For some reason the first didn’t work.)


However, one of my Uncle’s on my Dad’s side of the family finally friended me on FB and conncted with me in their Messenger thingie. He said he was too young to have a 66 year old Nephew and that it was just he and his sister left. WHAT?

Wait a minute. Turns out Uncle Loren died shortly after his wife, Aunt Lois, died and Aunt Eileen died some time ago. What? Why The Hell Do I Find This Stuff Out On FB!??? Fuck. Shouldn’t someone have called me?! We visited with Uncle Loren just a couple of years ago and was half-assed planning on stopping by on our way from Texas to Toledo this coming Thanksgiving. (Won’t need to make that stop now!)


Real Close To Dropping Facebook. Real clost. I know that one of these mornings I’m gonna wake up and read my own obituary on FB.

Not a whole lot else going on around here. I’m getting weaker by the week and find it’s getting harder to make our walks. After the first mile I just don’t feel like doing anymore. Hate sitting around though. Especially when my foot doesn’t hurt that much. Think I ought to make an appointment with my Doc again. About time for the annual medications renewal anyway.


I am sick to death of the Wx around here. End of June and it’s only going to be around 65 degrees today. Cloudy all damned week. I hate this shit. Seriously considering wintering over down South someplace. Seriously considering it.

Got lazy for dinner and went to Safeway for their chicken stip dinner and some fried rice. Way more than I’ll eat for less than $10.

NMARES meeting @ 1900. Which went okay.

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Boycott Sony Pictures.

My goodness yesterday was NICE! Except for making a trip to Port Orchard (cause I’m pretty sure Jo Anne’s doesn’t want a fat old naked guy in their store) and when the UPS guy showed up, me and the Dog were sans clothing all day. That’s the way the world should be!

Spent most of the day outside setting up for Field Day. Completely set up the radio and both computers. Was getting better psk31 signals out there than I’ve been getting in the house for these past couple of weeks. (Or so.)

But, everything works. Even my old tuner is working today on 20 meters. Didn’t hear anyone on the 7.268.5 Noontime Net though.

Woke up to a completely different Wx day today. Cold out. Had to put on a long sleeved shirt for our walk and while puttering around outside. Figures the Official 1st Day Of Summer would be on the coldest day of the week (so far). (Seems to me I also got married on this date way back in 73 or 74. Damn.)

I’ve been subpoena’d for the trial for my ex-renter. The part I really don’t like is the “YOU ARE COMMANDED TO APPEAR” like I’m not a free citizen or something. I mean, I don’t mind testifying for the Prosection but you could at least ask.

The Defense came by for my statement today. Interesting. She tried to lead a couple of my answers (which I called her on) and asked me a couple of “opinion’ questions (which I didn’t answer cause my “opinions” don’t mean squat). Mostly I think it went well. I’ll find out differently in court though. I hate lawyers.

What’s 200 Lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? A Good Start!

Not a whole hell of a lot else going on. We get to pick SWMBO up in Bremerton @ 1945 or so since she’s working late. Still need to figure out, and load, whatever we’re going to be eating (and munching on) this weekend. Gonna miss Date Day as far as going out. SWMBO may have to go shopping on her own! (The Horrors!)

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Wow! Nice And Hot The Past 2 Days!

My kind of weather! So we’ve been making any runs we need to make early so we can spend the rest of the day home enjoying this weather. Oh, Yeah!

My Solar Setup For Field Day

Been getting my shit ready for Field Day. Made a trip to Shelton Walmart and bought a $50 battery (plus $12 core charge) and stopped by to invite AD7DY to the Field Day.

When I got home, after walking the Dog, I hooked the new battery up to the solar controller, then hooked up the solar panel, and attached my volt meter “just to watch.” It all appeared to work

The solar panel was feeding 14.1 volts to the battery which was feeding 13.5 volts to the volt meter. That should run a radio for awhile! I let it run until the solar panel had been in the shade for about an hour. It was still feeding 12 volts to the battery. I think this will do well for Saturday.

if I get this to work I’ll be buying more batteries and hooking up another solar panel to run everything (radio wise) in my shack. Maybe run a convertor for awhile if needed. Going to set up in the garage and feed the lines through that hole I already made.


I don’t like playing with big batteries since that one blew up on me a few years ago. It freaks me out. I do the connections; but I don’t like doing it. I was deaf in my left ear for 3 days after that battery blew!

Got my new CAT cable today. Except it wasn’t exactly what I ordered. The cable had the usb end but not the other that plugs into the 857d. Not even close to what I ordered. I went and double checked the order just to be sure. Nope. The picture on the one I ordered had that plug and the usb. So I contacted Amazon to return this one and sent a scathing e-mail to the company that I bought it from.

I don’t really need the CAT cable; it would have jsut made things a bit easier. I can still do psk but will have to manually change frequencies and stuff. May have to manually add contacts too. We’ll see.

Anywho, SWMBO is home and we made a run to the Amazon locker to drop off my return and she checked for sewing machine needles (nada). Made a short contact with the Net on 28.450 and now it’s about my bedtime. Think I’ll go read a bit.

Oh, We got peas!

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