Woke To Rain And Stuffy Nose

Herc11While we needed the rain, I could do without the snuffy nose. Rain stopped after a few (less than an hour really) but the nose is still stuck the front of my face.

Not a whole lot going on. Cloudy and at just the right temperature that the mosquito’s go after every inch of bare skin they can if one was to step outside. Which the Dog and I have done many times today. Couple of walks along the roads. Couple of walks around the back 40. Gardening. You’d think I’d get immune to bug bites; but I ain’t.

Been watching the hurricane Irma coverage off and on on YouTube. Lots of talking for not a lot happening right now. Lot’s of Coulds. Could do this. Could do that. Could be MUCH Worse! Think I’ll just turn it off until Saturday night.

Caroline Munroe At The Earth's Core

Watched “Sleepy Hollow.” Don’t know what all the hubub was about. Was decent. Entertaining. Christina Ricci was still beautiful and kept her clothes on. (Mixed feelings about that.) Effects were good.

I Joined The Navy In That Building in 1970

Picked a bunch of my green onions to take to the MCARC meeting tomorrow. Well see how that turns out.

Got to pick SWMBO up tonight. It must be Friday!

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Well. Where Am I?

Had to go and see when the last time I posted was. A Week Ago! Damn! What the Hell have I been doing?

What The Sun Looked Like All Day

Well, Saturday Date with SWMBO. Who knows for the rest. Things around the house. Put the rebar cage together in the tower hole. Ordered Concrete. Ate a butt-ton of ripe black berries.

Wx has been hot and humid. Last couple of days the air has been smokey smelling, the sun has had a reddish cast, and the moon is almost blood colored at night. Fires in Eastern Washington and Oregon trying to burn us off the map. People with breathing difficulties having a hard time with it around here.

2017-09-05 14.31.42

Got my concrete placed today at about 1430. Nice! Bubble stayed plumb on the bottom tower section. Nice! Didn’t have to adjust it any at the end of the pour. Nice!

2017-09-05 14.49.34

And that’s it. I just haven’t been doing anything but enjoying these last few days of summer, eating a lot of black berries, and going for walks around the back 40 while we can.

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Me And Haselwood Chevrolet 2

NC-003hOne of their Manager’s called me in response to my return e-mail (basically a copy of my last post). To boil it down: Yes, I’ve just been fucked out of $90 for those coupons, and, No, I didn’t get double charged for an oil change. So, I still have 9 oil changes, 9 tire rotations, and (?#) of windshield wiper changes to go. Thanks for your business and have a nice day.

Not a whole hell of a lot been gong on around here. Really nice days so the Dog and I have been outside as much as possible. Making our usual daily mile or two.

I’ve been getting more and more dizzy and tired when we do get out and walk. Legs get really tired. Not short of breath or anything; just dizzy and tired. It’s like my get up and go got up and went. Maybe I shouldn’t have quit smoking.

Sometimes the depression really kicks in for a few minutes during the day. That’s when I really have to get off my ass and go for a walk. I’m about black berried out from all the black berry’s I eat on my walks out back! The sweet berries make me feel good. The sour berries make me want to kill the whole world and shit on it’s grave.

Well, maybe not that bad.

But I sure ain’t looking forward to Winter.

MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Chat Net went well. Repeater seems to be working pretty good!

I’m going to bed.

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