Nice Day Trip With SWMBO

We got up and was out of the house by 0900 yesterday for a trip to Leavenworth, WA. Should have taken about 3 hours but I got turned around so it took 3.5 hours. AND, we got within  miles and got slowed down by a 4 mile backup!

When we finally got ito Leavenworth there was NO parking. I’d hazard a guess that there were 100 cars looking for every possible empty parking spot. Of which there were none. After about half an hour of driving around looking I just gave up and we started back.

2018-12-22 15.59.16

Stopped at a Fruit Stand & Quilt Store just south of Leavenworth. SWMBO got some stuff at the quilt store and I got a 5-leter box of some of the best Apple Cider I’ve ever tasted. Well worth the $20! Also got some huckleberry honey that tastes really good.

Then, after a long and convoluted drive to Ellensburg, we stopped for dinner. Stopped at another Quilt Store in “downtown” Ellensburg for awhile then headed home.

2018-12-22 16.02.27

Made our usual Saturday stop at  Walmart (where we spent WAY too much) and made it home about 2100.

I had a great time being out with my Schweetie and getting to see “new” scenery and just being together. She’s the best.

Otherwise, it’s just a lot of freakin’ fain around here!

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Extreme Wx – Port Orchard Version

Was sitting on the pot when a peal of thunder shook the house so much I actually thought we’d been hit by a truck. There was a Qwest truck in the neighborhood fixing our phone lines (someone took them out in an accident) and I thought maybe they’d lost control and rammed the house.

Then I started hearing reports of “Tornado” and “Gas Leak” and “Going door to door to evacuate” on the police bands. What?


Yep, we had a Tornado in Port Orchard. Did some damage too. Of course it was all over the local (Seattle) News and they absolutely talked it to death. Luckily no one was injured. So, Cool.

b_P1140194Our Internet went down a few days ago. Day before yesterday I spent about 2 hours on the phone with Qwest tech support (thanks, Gerald!) to have him finally assign a tech to come out and check the lines. Yesterday, went to check mail and saw 4 Qwest trucks and a digger working on the telephone lines for our entire subdivision. Seems someone ran off the dirt road into a steel gate and took out the main junction box for all our phone lines. Thanks Anon Driver. They got it fixed yesterday though. Good!

Not a whole lot else going on around here. Me and the Dog manage to make our walks but it is really (really!) wet out there. Ground squishes when you step on it. I’ve never seen so much running and standing water on our property. And we lost another alder. More storms moving in over the next week. Stand by…

Chili-fries for dinner. Cause I can.


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I Checked. Still Hate Winter.

000Cant believe this much time has gone by. Sunday a week ago we had our Thanksgiving since SWMBO was gone on the actual Thanksgiving. Her son and his girl came over and everything went rather well. Until about 2230. Started feeling “ill.”  Then started having to run to the crapper for some explosive peeing out my butt. Started feeling nauseaus. And that’s how I spent my Sunday night into Tuesday mroning.

Had an appointment with the butt-Doc (Silver Stallion PreLims) that I had to cancel. Girl on the phone started asking me about rescheduling. Told her “I’m not thinking real straight right now. Laying on the floor by the toilet cause I can’t get more than 3 or 4 feet from the damned thing before I have to rush back. How about we reschedule later?” To which she totally agreed. Guffaw. Guffaw. Guffaw.

000So, that lasted until Tuesday morning. Felt weak for a couple of days after. Funny that no one else got even slightly ill.

The rest of the week was pretty SSDD. Rained a lot but me and the Dog still did our walks and stuff. On Date Day last Saturday SWMBO took me to a new Mexican restaurant in the Silverdale Mall. Was okay. I really shouldn’t order taco’s in these places though since it turns out I like Taco Bell Taco’s best. Even if they aren’t REAL Mexican taco’s.

Sunday SWMBO made dinner and we watched “Incredibles II” on the big tv and even used the sound bar. The Missionaries interrupted the move by stopping by but it was nice visiting with them for awhile. And we still finished the move after they left.

0001And that’s it Not a while lot more going on. Did order two 2-TB USB drives and another Raspberry Pi 3 on Amazon this morning for Christmas presents. Making one each for my Father-In-Law and SWMBO’s son to be media centers. The drive will be attached and have movies/tv stuff on them to get them started. They’re both smart enough to figure out KODI, I think.

Made myself some corn and mashed taters to go along with the piece of fried chicken left over from last nights dinner. Was good. Dog enjoyed licking the plate too! Soaked some black-eyed peas overnight and started those cooking for dinner tomorrow.

Watched Pacific Rim 2: was okay. Looks like Animae to me.

Supposed to have windy and wet Wx moving in.

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