Holy Crap! It Snowed Today!

For the first half of the day. Talk about unexpected! Caught everyone by surprise. I had told the Club that it was gonna start snowing around the 25th or so. Nope! Missed it by a mile this year. Was kinda nice though. Cold.


Me and Verizon: I had two LG tablets. Broke the first one then got the second one when I got my new phone. Broke it. Turns out I’ve been paying insurance to replace them if broken. Tried that last night. Turns out my deductable is $99 (not the $20 I was told it’d be) AND the device has been discontinued.


So, I called Verizon customer service to complain and ask for a refund of all the insurance money I spent for nothing. She connected me with the place (Asomething) and they said they’d send me this other tablet. For $99. Nope. Sorry. Can’t afford it. Old Guy. Fixed Income. You know the drill.

So, not really happy with Verizon right now. Can’t believe I spent $18/mo for almost 2 years for insurance that did me absolutely no good.


Made this “dirty rice” stuff for dinner. Added hamburger and some peas. Should Have Paid More Attention To The “Real Cajun Spices” splashed all over the front of the box. Phew! Spicy!

Anywho, picked SWMBO up at the QFC as per the usual Friday evening routine. We be home. I be going to lay down and read awhile.

Oh, BTW, that new waterbed we put together: Works great. Wednesday I woke with a headache (probably due to Wx changes). So, Wednesday night I last looked at the clock at 2303. Next thing I know it’s 0530! Felt Great All Day Thursday! OMG. The difference was something else. Nice!

Last night I slept most of the night (only woke up once around 0430) and felt pretty good all day even if it did snow. Me and the Dog did about 8 walks about. Nice.

Freakin’ Snow Today.

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Having Never Grown Old Before

I don’t know if I am just growing old(er) or really having problems. Seem to get weaker every day almost. Noticed in a video I took the other day that I do tend to breathe “heavy” whatever I’m doing. So, getting tired walking up the (Hell) hill could be from that or just from getting older. I just don’t know.

trans04Wow. Got off on a tangent and have spent the last 3 hours watching all those AGT/BGT singers on YouTube. How the time flies!

SWMBO is home. MCARC 10-meter Tuesday Evening Chat Net went well except I couldn’t get my antenna to tune.

Oh, we got our new waterbed in yesterday. Didn’t take me 10 minutes to start taking the old bed apart. Not used to it yet. Yet. Kept waking up; with the feeling “something” wasn’t right. But all was well. SWMBO even overslept this morning.

I’m going to lay down.

In my new waterbed.


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Shin Godzilla Did Not Impress Me!

And I am a big, big, Godzilla fan. Have been for almost 60 years. Started collecting all the Godzilla movies that have been released on Blu-ray, of which this is one, and was not impressed.


Oh, the “new” Godzilla (Gojira) was okay looking; except for that unblinking eye job. And he had too many laser beams shooting out of various places. Not cool. Wasn’t even that good looking. Nor was it really realistic in the Godzilla lexicon. Ah well. Did like that they used the original music and roar. Effects were pretty good. Not impressed.

Not a whole hell of a lot going on around here lately. Been fairly nice days so I’ve been out front working on the new steps or walking the Dog (and myself).


Cooked a piece of chicken covered in V8 in the crock pot for about  hours. Was good. Went along with the chunked boiled taters and the mixture of veggies I made from Thrive stuff. I may do that again!

My Schweetie is home and brought me softserve! Vanilla! Woo Woo! (She must like me)

No real MCARC 2-meter Net tonight, but some of us did “log on” and share our day. I got great signal reports from everyone. Cool!

Anywho, that’s really it. SSDD Every Day around here.

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