Looking At New 4K Cameras

IngridSteeger01aMy present video camera is almost 10 years old, has real problems with the sound, and is just wearing out. Time to upgrade.

Got to looking at 4K video cameras on Amazon, YouTube, and other places. Then I realized: Except for doing some timelapse video’s of the Wx, I really don’t do a lot of video. I’m a “stills” kinda guy.

So, switched my focus to “regular” cameras (and if it does video also so much the better). So far I’m down to the Panasonic Lumix G7 or the Panasonic FZ1000. Both are kind of spendy for an old retired guy. But, with the places we go and things we do I really want a 4K camera.

The G7 bundle is $650. The FZ1000 bundle is $690. Watching YouTube video’s ain’t helping. Online reviews (@ 4k.com) are about the same. TheCameraStoreTV on YouTube has some pretty good reviews.

Think I’ll check my bank balance.

Why haven’t I looked at Canon? Had one of their Powershot cameras. About 2 weeks after the warranty expired it developed their “SD Card is unusuable” error. Canon had no plans to fix, repair, or replace. It’s been sitting on the shelf 2 years now. Will never buy anything Canon again.

Phone-Original resolution: 5344x3006x24

Why don’t I continue to use my phone (Droid Maxx 2)? Oh, it does okay (for a phone). But I want to take some really good shots of the places we go. Yellowstone from a phone and Yellowstone from a G7/FZ1000 can be totally different.

Hmmm. The G7 has built in timelapse. One of the things I do. The FZ1000 seems to have slo-mo. Hmmm.

Anywho, nice days yesterday and today. Warm! Got out and worked up a sweat cleaning up the side yard yesterday. Moved a bunch of cement blocks around. Gardening stuff. Returned my friends box scraper and picked up some scrap wood he wanted to get rid of. Me and the Dog went on 6-7 walks around the back 40. Was nice.

Phone-Original resolution: 5344x3006x24

Today is turning out to be about the same. Nice outside so I’m staying outside as much as possible. Wish I still had my digger! Instead I got out with the clipper thingies and trimmed back some of the blackberry bushes threatening to take over the yards. (They also try to grab me when I’m out mowing.)

We got to go pick SWMBO up tonight. Yay! She’s home and showered and getting her dinner. I have Tremor’s III on one monitor and thunderstorms on another. Think I might go lay down and read.

That’s kinda what I do.

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All I Can Say Is

What a nice day! Got over 80 degrees and was sunny and just plain nice outside. So I spent as much time out there as I could. Got a lot of “Gardening” stuff done. Got a lot of just sitting out in the Sun done. Of course the Dog and I took off all our clothes and went for a walk through the back 40! (Duh!)


Other than that? Nada thing. Even the MCARC 2-meter Chat Net tonight was low key. Only  four of us checked in. (Which was more than checked in last Sunday evening.)

Oh, watered all the yards.

Exciting, I know. (I was there.)

Oh, yeah: SWMBO’s Son and his girl (and another friend) came over late last night and set off fireworks until 2300 or so. Watched some of the show. Was okay. First time we’ve had fireworks at the house in about 20 years.

And that’s it.

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My Independence Day

SWMBO took me to the annual Church Breakfast. Was good!

Setting up and playing with X-Plane.

Just cause…

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