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Used My Winter Coat Today

Cause it was freakin’ COLD out there! But I still have to go for our morning walk, so, buckle up White Boy and get her done. Even later in the early afternoon it was freezing out there! Making an experiment … Continue reading

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I’ve Lost My Focus. Mostly Here

I used to post a LOT more than I have been lately. Not sure what exactly the problem is. Probably cause it’s Winter, Dark, Rainy, Dismal, Dreary, and get’s dark WAY too early. Lucky y’all! And, honestly, not a lot … Continue reading

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Extreme Wx – Port Orchard Version

Was sitting on the pot when a peal of thunder shook the house so much I actually thought we’d been hit by a truck. There was a Qwest truck in the neighborhood fixing our phone lines (someone took them out … Continue reading

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