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OMG! You Would NOT Believe The MILA Mess!

So, RCW 59.18.310 not-with-standing, and the law saying that it considers a rental abandoned after 15 days of not paying rent, it still leaves a mess for me to clean up. Took a butt-ton of pictures of the mess, yes … Continue reading

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I Want Winter To Be Over With!

Started snowing again while the Dog and I were out on one of our walks. Itty Bitty Flakes and, so far, nothing has really stuck, but snowing none the less. Kinda sorta did that all afternoon. Danged cold out there. … Continue reading

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It’s Been Real Around Here

Not really able to get outside and get much done this past week; yet managed to get out and cut up the bottom half of that tree that came down at the end of our driveway this past snow. Used … Continue reading

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