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Holy Hell I Can Be A Lazy Turd!

But, that’s the joys of home ownership I guess. Got off my ass and worked on the front steps a bit more today. Moved some more dirt. Need to buy 20 (or so) more Manor Stone(s). Need about 20 80-lb … Continue reading

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I Think I’m Going Back To Reading

I miss it. Spend way too much time on “social media,” ie: Facebook or Tumblr (but mostly FB) and not really reading any more. Books. I miss reading a good book. Nice out side today. Got up to around 80 … Continue reading

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Just Not A Whole Lot Going On Around Here!

I’d say that it is about as SSDD around here as SSDD ever gets. Wx is holding out; mostly. Is a LOT cooler but, so far, hasn’t been too bad. The Tree-of-Winter-Doom is starting to change colors though. Had to … Continue reading

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