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OMG Busy!

Spent the majority of last week getting ready for Field Day. Surprised how much needed to be done to the Caravan before I could use it. Oh, nothing really “dirty;” just messy. Air in the tires. Clean the water tank … Continue reading

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Boycott Sony Pictures.

My goodness yesterday was NICE! Except for making a trip to Port Orchard (cause I’m pretty sure Jo Anne’s doesn’t want a fat old naked guy in their store) and when the UPS guy showed up, me and the Dog … Continue reading

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Turns Out I Be Pretty Boring

Well, what the Hell have I been up to? No idea. Hanging around the house waiting for it to get warm enough to go outside. Other than that, buttkiss. (Butkas?) Last Saturday was “date day” of course. SWMBO took me … Continue reading

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