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Woke up yesterday morning already into a full-blown migraine headache that hung on all day. Worst I’ve had in many years. It actually hurt to think. Let me say that again: It Hurt To Think!. (No, really. It did.) Needless … Continue reading

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So. Busy. Sorta.

Last Saturday on our Date Day, SWMBO made the mistake of taking me to Home Depot. Part of the $400 (or so) I spent was on two $99/ea Glacier Bay High Efficiency Elongated Dual Flush Toilets. Our toilets have been … Continue reading

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Just Another Day In Paradise Part 10001b

Yep, still pretty much SSDD around here. Got a migraine starting about 1700 yesterday that lasted all night. Even freezing my head didn’t help. So when I finally got some quality sleep time I naturally overslept an hour or so … Continue reading

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