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Just Not A Lot Happening Around Here

Nice and HOT the past couple of days. Really really nice (for me). Me and the Dog did what we do yesterday after mail run and have stayed that way, except for mail run today, since. I think we really … Continue reading

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Five Days. 2584 Miles.

Took a drive to Rialto, Calif to visit my (step-) Mom that I hadn’t seen in about 37 years. On the way back we stopped by Fairfield, Calif to visit with my Sister that I hadn’t seen in even longer. … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Hate My Life

I am SO fookin’ sick of the weather in Western WaRshington! Look, either get sunny and warm or rain! Make up your damned mind already! This is worse than following that dipshit on the freeway that can’t decide how fast … Continue reading

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