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About Six Hours Of Snow Today

Came down in about, oh, six hours or so. Couple of inches in some places. Dog enjoyed it when we went for walks. I did too cause it wasn’t rain. Took a butt-ton of pictures. Yep, started snowing at 0900 … Continue reading

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Too Danged Cold To Post!

Has been for the past couple of days. Had some (some) snow yesterday (Sunday) afternoon but it was all gone by suppertime. Wind chill has been down into the teens! Even the Dog tries to hurry on our walks. (Tries … Continue reading

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Are They Home Made Taco’s?

Or Home Assembled. I did cook the meat, chop the maters & onions & letttuce, grate the cheese, and open the (all important) bottle of salsa; but does that make them home made or home assembled? Either way they was … Continue reading

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