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So, I’m watching “Thunderball” and

Started a James Bond marathon as background noise and just to see how long EVERY James Bond Movie made would take to play and it gets to “Thunderball.” Caught myself watching it and had the thought “Which of the movies … Continue reading

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What Kind Of Perverse God?

Would think “I’m going to create Man. He’s going to be stupider than the other Gods but slightly smarter than animals. AND as he get’s older, the hair on his head will thin and turn gray. BUT, the hair on … Continue reading

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Half-Way Through The Week Already

So, bought myself one of these little O2 Sat/Pulse monitors, you know, just to check, and, not too bad. Just sitting here it reads 96% O2 level and 69 Pulse. Walking up the hill the O2 dropped to 85% and … Continue reading

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