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We’re Getting Slammed Today!

With rain. It’s coming down in buckets! Dog and I got soaked on our walk this morning even wearing our poncho’s. Had to unplug my radio’s cause we had some fairly close lightning (after setting up my camera, of course). … Continue reading

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Me Thinks Summer, She Be Over. Sux!

I’ve had this little blu-tooth keyboard sitting around here for several  years. Decided to see if  it’ll work with this new Windows mini-computer.  It  does. Have  to be really  careful in  my typing cause it’ll do each key press more … Continue reading

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And Another Fine Week Has Begun!

Had a witty statement to make here; and totally forgot it. Senior Moment! Seem to be having more of those lately. Had a “echocardiogram” last Tuesday. The Tech didn’t run screaming from the room or rush to drag someone else … Continue reading

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