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Lard Fries. Wonderful Lard Fries.

It was time. Been raining pretty hard off and on and it was just time for my annual treat. So I picked up a container of LARD and made my annual batch of fries. Lard Fries. Fries that taste as … Continue reading

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The Mummy (2017)

Bought it at Walmart last Saturday. Finally watched it today. Not impressed. Oh, the Effects were great. Acting was okay. But it just didn’t grab me. Seemed rushed. Rained damned near all day. Hard. Got to work on the front … Continue reading

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Just Not A Whole Lot Going On Around Here!

I’d say that it is about as SSDD around here as SSDD ever gets. Wx is holding out; mostly. Is a LOT cooler but, so far, hasn’t been too bad. The Tree-of-Winter-Doom is starting to change colors though. Had to … Continue reading

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