More Rain. Which We Need!

rio02ccWoke up to rain this morning. Didn’t last long though. Just enough to make it where I wouldn’t want to lay down in the (dead, brown) grass or jump into the rose bush. (Which I wouldn’t do anyway.)

rio02eTook the Dog to the foo-foo people for a bug bath and haircut. He looks different. If he had balls I’d be worried about the lady dogs in the area. He was pretty mellow when I picked him up and until we turned down the driveway; then he went slightly bug-fuck crazy to get out of the truck. Glad to be home, I guess.

Went the really easy way for dinner tonight. Two Beef-Bean & Green Chili burrito’s. Think I’ll make Orange Jell-O for desert. Maybe.


Supposed to get a lot wetter, and a lot windier, here tomorrow. Gusts up to 45 mph. Glad we’re leaving early; but am almost thinking we ought to leave tonight. Guess I’ll be going slower than I had originally planned just to be as safe as possible. I’m still new at hauling this Caravan around, you know. I like to leave really early to avoid some of the traffic if we can.

Not much else going on. Got the Caravan hooked up and ready to go. SWMBO should be on her way home and we’ll have to load her “last minute” stuff. I have a check-off list of last minute things to load myself; I don’t want to forget my CPAP like I did for the last camping trip we went on.


I hate when shit don’t work right! Damn Windows anyway.

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What A Nice Wx Day!

I’d be willing to bet it got to 85 degrees here at the house. Sunny! Hot! My kind of day! Spent as much time outside as I could, went for several walks around the property, ate a butt-ton of blackberries, and just enjoyed this day as much as possible.

We Do Not Need Any Lightning Right Now. Nomatter How Cool It Would Be.

All the while loading the Caravan for our trip. Had to make a run to WinCo and figured, as long as I was in town, also stopped by the Vape Shop and got another battery for my vaper-thingie. Mostly got sandwich stuff at WinCo so we could eat while driving if we wanted to. Or we could stop by the road somewhere if we wanted to. Or we could go hungry if we wanted to. (Did I cover all the bases?)


Listened to the Noon-time Net (7268.5) while laying out. Heard a lot of folks. The Sheriff’s bands have been busy with a truck turned on it’s side up near the Naval Hospital. Heard a report of another vehicle turned over later this afternoon but don’t remember where. All the usual ambulance runs and rescue stuff going on too. It’s fun to listen in and not have to respond.

Wx Here While We'll Be In Utah

This is one of the rare occasions that I’m glad SWMBO’s Son lives in our basement. He can keep an eye on the house and feed the animals while we travel for the weekend. Other than that …

SWMBO is home and made herself dinner and put some of the stuff she wants to take into the Caravan. She wants to take her sewing machine? She’ll be doing genealogy the first 3 days and trekking around canyons the 2nd 3 days. When’s she going to get time to sew? (She’ll manage though.)

Anywho, supposed to start raining tonight so I’ve buttoned up the Caravan and brought in everything I don’t want to get wet. Think I’ll go lay down and read.

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You Are Not Familiar With The Focusing Disintegrator Ray?

avatarchangeReally nice day out! One of the few remaining for this year. I tried to stay outside as much as possible. Really tried. Almost made it. Busy putting “stuff” together for the trip though. Which meant being inside way too much for such a nice day.


Not much else going on. Playing with my 857d and the new Alpha Antenna. Added a couple of counterpoise wires to it. Made 4 but have room for only 2 to fit on the thing. Need an extension for the screw thingie that holds the coax attachment thingie. (There are a lot of “thingies” in Ham Radio.)  Even managed to check in to the Noontime Net on 7.268.5 using only 25 watts! That’s good.

Made Fried Chicken, Boiled Chunked Potato’s, and barely warmed up Home-Grown Peas for dinner. Was yummy. Now to remember that I have to save some for SWMBO. Or else. (Not really. I mean; she wouldn’t really, like, hurt me or anything. But there is that look.)

Went back and attached two wires each to the connectors for the counterpoise. I figure it should work. Hopefully. No harm trying.

fsx 2014-11-14 21-01-42-13

Heard on the radio today: “Lady calling says she keeps getting texts that someone is trapped at the bottom of a canyon. Injuries unknown.” Several small fires in the area. Non-Injury Hit & Run. Altercation at Safeway in town. Three episodes of people passing out. (Probably the heat. It got up to 75 degrees today.)

MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Evening Chat Net went well with about 8 check-ins. I had to switch to the directional I built so they could hear me, and their signals were broken and scratchy, but we got it worked out. One of these days I’ll find a sweet spot for the 2-meter/440 antenna that will work just fine. Of course, I may wind up buying another 100 feet of coax to reach it in that spot.

And that’s about it for tonight. Just not much going on around here.

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