Another Rainy Wednesday In WaRshington

Which is as it’s supposed to be; I suppose. I just hope all this rain goes away by the first weekend in April. But, with my luck…


Made a run to Home Depot in Silverdale for a short section of counter top; which they didn’t have. Every time I walk by that section they have the counter top I need. Until today. Spot was empty. Figures.

So I went on over to Lowe’s and got it there. Then I stopped by Habitat For Humanity and bought a couple of bathroom drawer units. These are now pretty much in place in my shack. Still some final planning and positioning to do, and completion work, but it’s slowly getting to where I want it. Running wires will be the difficult part!

Stopped by Haselwood Chevy and talked to one of the mechanics in their shop about the Transmission Cooler I bought. Turns out I shouldn’t have bought it. He says I don’t need it as my truck was made for the hauling it can do. AND, if anything went wrong with the transmission that they could track to the external (added) cooler it would nullify my 5-year/50k mile warranty. So I guess I have an “extra” transmission cooler sitting on my shelf for the next 5 years. Thing cost only $50 anyway; no biggie.

Not much else going on. Way too wet and windy out to go outside and do anything. Been straightening up, getting chores done, and working on my financial stuff that I keep for “my” money. (“My” money pays for the truck, caravan, and “other” stuff for my shack or whatever.)

Decided I probably won’t be going to the Hollie Family Reunion this year at the end of June. I figure (rough estimate) two tanks of gas a day (@ about $50 each), plus $35-50 for “camping,” for about 14 days would come out in the neighborhood of $1900 plus. Too spendy for now. But SWMBO suggests we start putting some in savings each payday and we can go next summer.

I got to pick SWMBO up at the Ferry Landing this evening! Cool!

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Remo Williams–The Destroyer

Bought the first one, #1, at the store on the 32nd Street Naval Station way back in 1971 (or 1972) (Which I still have, by the way. The book. Not the store.) and have tried to keep up with since. Stopped a few years back and don’t really know why. Have 110 or so and just started (this evening) cataloging them on my Nexus 7. Sometimes I can scan the barcode, most times I have to enter the SSBN. Either way it’s still much (way much!) better than the Dewey Decimal System.


Spent some time letting the Nexus 7 update to Android 5.1. Lots of trepidation and lots of online research; but decided to risk it anyway. After the last (disastrous) update I had my doubts about anything from Google. Seems to have worked without slowing it down too much. Everything else is upgrading now though. I’ll give it a good workout; but have been looking up how to install CyanogenMod “just in case.”


Not much else going on today; SSDD. Sun came out long enough for me and the Dog to go for a walk to the back of the property. Still really wet out there though. Spent way too many hours researching insurance for the Caravan; which SWMBO completed on the phone while on her lunch break. Appreciate that. Appreciate Her!


No one showed up for the MCARC 10-meter Tuesday Evening Chat Net. Since AE7GC hasn’t been able to make it the net has just kind of disappeared. Bummer. (But he was the only one centrally located that could hear everyone. Otherwise I’d take over as Net Control.)

Have a “River Song” marathon going on since this afternoon. Cool!

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Mostly A Pretty Normal Monday

Had a few real Downpours but no thunder or lightning (that I saw). It was really coming down though! Unhooked the antenna’s from my radio “just in case.”


Went to ACE Hardware and picked up a couple of L-brackets. Took about an hour to turn one of them into an antenna mount. Looks good and holds the antenna firmly. Drilling the hole bigger, then going at it with a metal file, was NOT an easy job. But it was fun. (Nice to get off my fat, old, ass and get something done too!)


Talked to my friend in Vista, CA on 20-meters at 1515 for a few minutes. I just don’t have enough going on to have an extended conversation. Funny that a guy (me) that doesn’t like to talk much (over the air) gets into a hobby where that is what you do.

Not much else going on. Watched a couple of old Sci-Fi movies on YouTube then started “Day of the Triffids” from the Movie Drive. SWMBO got home safe then she and her son went back to Safeway for some mac-n-cheese.


Looks like I’m going to continue the “No Real Post Today” line of posts.

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