Trip-Day 4- 2160.5 Miles So Far

But I should be at my destination tomorrow. I’m Close! We left the Leisure Mountain RV Park in Tijeras, NM (after a good, hot, shower!) @ about 0700 and just got checked in here at the Camper’s Paradise RV Park in Sunset, Tx. These folks are really nice. Good Military discount too!

Rest Stop In Southern Utah

Other than a 50 mile detour because of some massive accident (or incident) the ride was pretty boring. Did go through a rain storm; some wind, lots of rain, but no lightning or thunder.

Stopped in Memphis, Tx and got lunch. Fed the dog a warm hamburger patty cause he’s been a good puppy. Later, though, he shit a stream of shit (outside Thank Goodness) to rival runny shits anywhere. Guess there was too much fat in that burger! Note to self for next time …

My God, Texas is flat! Rolling hilly driving, but you can see forever to the horizon. Got caught in a hell of a head wind that kept my rpm’s way up, and my speed right around 60. Got into Texas, went around a bend, and my speed kicked up 3 mph and the rpm’s dropped to 1500+. Cool! Spent a lot on gas today though; cause of that head wind. Luckily, gas dropped to around $2.10/gal so that was better.

Anywho, we’re plugged in and have power. I need to buy a longer water hose before I can hook up water; but that’s a minor inconvenience. There are showers available and I’ll be using that tomorrow morning. (I’m a morning shower person unless I’ve gotten dirty; in which case I’ll shower before bed. And again in the morning.)

I sure miss my lovely young bride! Trip would be a whole lot better if she were along for the ride. I just plain miss her. This is my first major trip anywhere without her (if you don’t count being sent to Desert Storm).

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Trip-Day 3- 1610.5 Miles So Far

Departed Wellington, Utah @ 0700 and finally stopped just East of Albuquerque, NM @ 1900 local. I am one tired puppy!

2017-05-19 10.57.35

But, OMG, the scenery through Southern Utah! Fantastic! Sure will be glad when I can upload the pictures and leave a link! Cannot get my phone to connect to the laptop. Otherwise I’d just transfer the pictures here.

And it figures that I’d hit Albuquerque at rush hour! No shit right in the middle of traffic and these people drive like banshee’s late for an appointment. I got out of there just as soon as I could.

I’m tired. Going to bed. I’ll try to catch up more later. Need some sleep…

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Trip-Day 2. Unknown Miles

Took me all day to get from where I was to where I am though! I’m so tired!

We got up at 0600 and was on the road by 0700. Hit Ogden about 1100. I admit it.: SLC traffic had me in full fight-or-flight mode and I couldn’t get through there fast enough. As it was I got turned around in West Jordan looking for a Walmart (which I didn’t find until near Provo).

Along HWY-6

The ride from Spanish Fork to Price is absolutely beautiful!

OnStar sent me to a RV Park that didn’t exist when I asked them for directions to one in Price, Utah. Then the next girl sent me back North to Helper, Utah to one that was tiny tiny tiny and I had to back my trailer up almost a block.

Finally found this one in Wellington. It’s really a fleabag RV Park; but they had an empty (lots of empty) and was only $24 for the night. Got electric and that’s really all I need.

So, since it’s getting late I’m going to bed.

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