We Be Home. Really Great Weekend!

Let’s see. How to write this up? Most people would find our weekend boring; but not me. I got to spend three days “cooped” up with my Schweetie in a strange place. Mostly cloudy. Mostly cold. Mostly windy. Sometimes wet. I got a lot of “radio” stuff and SWMBO got a lot of knitting into this weekend. Caravan worked out great. Took lots of pictures. Mostly just spent time with that lovely young woman I married almost 30 years ago.


Stayed at the Hoquiam RV Resort in, Hoquiam, WA and it wasn’t as spendy as you’d think for booking at the last minute. Nice little place that stayed mostly empty. Liked the owners and the grounds. (The only thing I didn’t really like was that they don’t strike the colors at night and they’re not lit.) Owners were friendly as hell! Mostly just stayed around the campground Saturday just being lazy. I made some BBQ Chicken that was excellent!


Sunday we drove over to Ocean Shores for a look around. It was your typical Western WaRshington Beach Day: cool. cloudy. windy. And the tide was out. Did see one girl in a Bikini (nice butt!) and a heavy coat. (Typical WaRshington Beach Attire.) Drove a couple of miles actually on the beach. SWMBO walked out to rinse the foam off her shoes and a wave got her wet up to her knees. Did a bit more driving around before settling in for the evening.


Got up early this morning (forgot to turn the alarms off on my Nexus 7), had breakfast and broke camp. Three hour drive home. Everything unpacked and put away. Trip to Safeway and SWMBO treated me to Taco Bell (the new one in town). Now we be just chillin’ for the rest of the night.


Except her (old) laptop (the one running Linux Mint) quit outputting to the monitor. Can’t get it to do anything but whirr at me. So we set up her (almost new) Windows 8 laptop and now she has two monitors. And 5000+ E-Mails she hasn’t downloaded in the past 6-8 months. (We never set up e-mail on the Linux Mint laptop for some reason. I think because she was checking mail on her phone and was happy with that. She likes to keep things simple. Hence marrying me.)


Plugged her Linux Mint laptop into my monitor and it came right up. Working fine. So she had me put it back in her room. Booted right up. Sometimes I just don’t understand computers. It won’t work. It will work. It won’t work. It will work. Make up your damned CPU! But it does crack me up that she prefers the Linux Mint laptop over her Windows 8 laptop. The Woman who likes to keep things simple. The User. The “Don’t Change My Computer Without Asking Me First” woman.

So. We took a camping trip. Had a good time. Got home safe. Back to routine.

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Out Camping

Hate this phone keyboard!
At RV place in Hoquiam, WA. Like being out with my Schweetie! Cool and almost wet out tho. Caravan is working out


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Ok. Ready To Go.

SWMBO got next Monday (Memorial Day) off so we thought we’d go camping. Except every RV park within decent driving distance (for a long weekend) that I’ve checked has had no empty spots. I’m beginning to wonder if I did the right thing with this RV stuff. Doesn’t seem like one can “spontaneously” go camping anymore.


Most of the “campgrounds” I’ve looked at on Google Earth are simply large parking lots crammed full with RV’s packed tighter than Obama’s ass (what with his head being up there and all). RV Parks in cities really kind of crack me up. Camping, to me, is getting out of the city and into the country to enjoy a bit of “Nature.” But, I guess people would want to visit cities too. (I grew up in the San Gabriel Valley down L.A. way. South El Monte mostly.)

So, I don’t know. Guess I’m going to have to learn to schedule camping out way in advance of when we want to. That means locking SWMBO down to finding out what days she will have (or will take) off work and where we want to go. Which sounds like work instead of fun. But maybe I just don’t have the right mind-set. Yet.

Contrary to what Obama says, I made this.

Weather must be changing cause I’m getting a bit of a headache. Reports of lightning in Shelton this morning. MJ on Q13Fox says scattered showers. I need to move to Arizona!

And, indeed, it is. Has. Much cloudier, and a damned site cooler, today. Cool enough for me to wear my coat. Heard some thunder this morning too. That was cool. At least the headache didn’t actually happen.

When You Can't Use Your Own People's Fables, Steal Them From Whitey!

Well, found a place to camp so we’re definitely, probably, going and I’ve been getting ready to go. Two days out with my Schweetie! Woo Woo! Lucky we have a built-in house sitter that’ll be here. The campground is in Hoquiam; which is only a couple of hours away.

Picked SWMBO up at the bus stop in town. Stopped by Safeway for last minute items and gas (man! It was busy!) Got the trailer hooked up and ready to go. It’s pretty much loaded except for last minute “stuff.” (Nexus 7, Camera, Stuff.) And it’s time for me to hit the rack!

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