Been Having This Pain In My Right Leg

Sometimes I Miss My MSFSX CollectionComes on of a sudden and I can barely walk. I don’t remember injuring it and the only thing “unusual” I’ve done lately is drive for 3 days. SWMBO said something about Deep Vein Thrombosis and wants me to go get it checked out. Pain hasn’t happened today (so far but it’s early) so I’m kind of iffy about going to the Urgent Care place here in town. Not to mention the expense! (So much for “free” medical for the rest of my life.)

Other than that it’s too early for anything to be going on. One of the hazards of being Old and Retired. Should get off my fat old ass and fix myself some breakfast, I suppose.

New WebCam came in today and is already hooked up to this Windows 7 VM and Skype installed. It works pretty good. At least as far as the picture goes. Now to add my Uncle (and SWMBO) to see if it is really going to work well.


Skype Profile PicKeep meaning to get off my ass. Worked on the hole I’m putting in the wall some. Got the hole and stud completely cut out. Time to cut the wire, but, I ain’t doing that until SWMBO is going to be home “just in case.” I’ve been bitten by electricity enough times to know it can kick your ass when  you least expect it to. I want someone around that knows CPR!

Decided to take the easy way out for dinner: Fried Tilapia (in bacon grease!) on a bagel and real crispy french fries. (Not those limp noodle POS fries SWMBO likes.)

Been uploading our pictures to Google Drive manually since none of the “apps” seem to want to do it. In Linux or Windows. They do the directories just fine; they just don’t upload the pictures in the directories. Ah well.

MCARC 10-meter Tuesday Chat Net went well. I actually heard half the others!

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Nice Sunday At Home.

butt011bI did start off the day uninstalliing Windows Update KB3035538 so SWMBO’s laptop would quit bugging her about “upgrading” to Windows 10. Tried it out on this Windows 7 VM first and it seemed to work okay. Seemed to be kind of a hassle but nothing any reasonably knowledgable tech can’t handle. Told her to do manual updates; or call me to do it.

Not a whole lot going on. The usual Sunday routine is in effect. Which means laundry is already started. We do need to straighten up around here if her Home Teachers are going to drop by this evening.

Got out and mowed the Front, Front-Upper, Front-Lower, and Back yards. And most of the path to the back of the property. Only took an hour for the rider-mower part. Now comes the whack-weeding the parts I can’t ride the mower over. But not today. No. Not today.

Working on the Rental agreement since our Renter’s are thinking they’d like to rent out the “extra” bedroom to help make the full rent payment. I have mixed feelings about it. As long as the “3rd” person agree’s to sign the rental agreement (so we have some legal recourse if needed) I really can’t see any reason why not. Mostly: 1) try to hold the noise down after 2200 weekdays & 2300 weekends, and, 2) Don’t pitch a fit if it’s a nice day and the Dog & I take off all our clothes and go for a walk. (And don’t be doing drugs in the house!)

The light of my life (SWMBO) made some kind of fried chicken, veggies, and spinach ravioli in spaghetti sauce for dinner. Was good. Later we’re going to have root beer floats and watch a movie

Well, we sat and watched “Age Of Ultron” together. So it’s late. For me. I’m going to bed.

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Ah. Back To Normal. (For Here.)

Not a whole hell of a lot going on today. Which is okay with me. Sprinkling outside (which is WAY better than sprinkling inside) so not getting out much. The Usual routine for Saturday. SWMBO is at the Genealogy Library and she gets to choose where we eat on our date. Way cool!

Drove nails at the corners where I need to cut the wallboard out in the closet. Now I’m trying to find my chalk-line thingie to mark where to cut. Can’t find it. Hell, it’s been only 10-12 years since I last used it. I should know exactly where the damned thing is. (Think I’m gonna have to buy a new one.)

Well, Gee. I could be a very rich man. According to this e-mail I got, Mr. John Leez from Sao tome and Principe is dieing of esophageal cancer and needs someone’s help giving the rest of his money (2 million euros) to different charities. Cool!

AND Mark Zukerberg, of Facebook, tells me that my profile has won $2 million UNITED STATES dollars and all I have to do is return my e-mail address and phone number. Holy Shit! If only my name were Dear Customer.

Who writes these things? You’d think they’d get smart and spend the $50 on a down and out American (or someone who knew American English) to at least check for spelling & syntax errors. Dipshidiots.

SWMBO took me to Family Pancake House for dinner. She had pancakes. I had the taco salad. Still have about half of it cause it was huge!

Made a quick stop at Jo Ann’s Fabrics for some fleece and a pattern. Stopped at ACE hardware for one of those chalk string things. Made our usual stop at Safeway.

Talked my 80 year old Uncle through getting on Skype. He loves it! Kept us on the phone almost an hour. Says he’s going to get all his friends to use it. Cool.

And that’s really about all there is for tonight. Bedtime in about an hour so I think I’ll just chill until then. Heck, if I were really lazy I’d just go lay down and read early. Not a whole lot going on anyway.

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