I’d Better Post Something!

Since I didn’t get to it yesterday. Morning yesterday started out fairly normal. My problem was I decided to get rid of the broken up fridge from the MILA; by myself. It was heavier than I expected! Got it into the back of my truck though and it cost me $25 to drop it off at the dump. The stove is going to cost $20 when I get to it.) That straining gave me a little headache.


Later, I was setting up my work table (two sawhorses and a piece of plywood) when the neighbor kid drove out of their place. The sun glinted off his windshield straight into my eyes and gave me an almost instant migraine. My Head Hurt! Hurt so much I had to lay down and it was barely going away 4 hours later when I had to leave to pick SWMBO up. My goodness it hurt.


Felt okay this morning though. After my usual morning chores I got down in the MILA and finished the flooring in the master bedroom. Laid the plastic sheeting on the bathroom floor. Then went around putting some silicone in the gaps at the ends of the flooring where it MAY slip a bit. Should allow the flooring to expand when it has to without letting it come apart at the seams like is has been doing. Then I put a new bead of silicone around the top of where the tub meets the walls (it was looking pretty ratty) and along the bottom of the tub. Tomorrow I get to install the flooring in the bathroom. Oh Joy!

Back from picking SWMBO up. Rained all the way there and back. Sometimes hard. Welcome to Warshington Spring.


Put a new widget on my blog (as you can see if you look) to show different radio contacts out there. Cool!

I’m going to bed.

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Fairly Normal Day. So Far…

I’m already home from picking SWMBO up at the Ferry Landing so it’s getting late. For me, anyway.

Almost started the day with a headache but it went away with that first cup of coffee. Made a run into town for some bolts for the new wheels for my chair. (Got soft wheels so they don’t wreck my new flooring like the old wheels wrecked the old flooring.) Since I was there, and I hadn’t eaten yet, I stopped and got the $5 lunch at DQ. They make a good burger.

No Time For Sergeants

Came home, walked the dog, then went down to the MILA to start putting the master bedroom floor back together. Got frustrated trying to fit some pieces, and when I get frustrated it’s time to take a break from whatever I’m doing.

So I came back upstairs and sprayed oven cleaner in the oven (duh) but also under the top of the stove where all the pan drippings seem to accumulate.


Since I had to let the oven cleaner sit for 2 hours, I got busy putting the new closet system on the wall in our bedroom. Hardest part of that was finding the studs to screw into. Getting it level really wasn’t that hard. Now to get SWMBO to figure out how she wants the shelves and hanger thingies and that’ll get that done.

Just as I was about to leave for the Vape Shop to get a couple of new attys, a truck pulled up in my driveway. It was the friend of the older kid next door and his mom wanting to look at the MILA if it was still for rent. So I showed it to them and they really want to move in. We had a long talk about my expectations and what I really don’t like: noise after 2200, noisy motorcycles, fighting & slamming of doors, etc. You know, everything we went through with our last renters. Sill, took her phone number and said that SWMBO would be calling her and talking a bit about her concerns. They seem like nice folks; but Sarah & Jose seemed like nice folks also.


What to do? Get off my ass and get the repairs done for one thing, just in case I do decide to rent the place out again. Other than that I think it’s mostly just blind luck on the type of Renter you get. I will be checking with the place she’s living now to see what kind of occupant she’s been. I think that’s about all you can do. (I don’t have any way to run a credit check or anything. Hazards of being a slum lord I guess…)

And that is about it for tonight. Think I’ll go lay down and read awhile.

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Hope Y’all Had A Nice Easter!

Hope all y’all had a great Easter. I did, but I got to spend most of it with SWMBO and any day I get to do that is a great day. Holiday or not.


Got out and worked on the Garden for awhile. Turned the dirt in the Pea bed and got their climbing wire straightened up. Planted 2 rows of peas.  Planted a row of cucumbers in the other planter and started moving dirt around in my tomato tires. Lots of worms! So I moved several handfuls to the beds where I haven’t seen many worms. I swear they help things grow.


Politely reminded the neighbor boy that he has that whole forest behind us to zoom his bike around and that he doesn’t need to zoom up and down our road. That all that noise is really annoying not only for me but for the other folks living on the road. Seems to have worked. So far. (Give it a day.)


Well, call me Traditional, but, on Easter there is only ONE meal that one should consume: Spaghetti! So I made spaghetti with meat sauce (chunky) and the Cheesy Bread SWMBO brought home last night and we didn’t get to it. Was yummy!


SWMBO mowed. I finished up in the Garden (all I’m going to do to it today anyway). Poured some old coffee grounds over the Blueberry bushes. Laundry is finally going. (For some reason, SWMBO doesn’t want me to wash the new bright RED sheets she bought yesterday with anything else. Especially the Whites. Go figure.)

And I’m pretty sure that’s it for today. MCARC 2-meter Chat Net in a few minutes.

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